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Before you decide if an SMSF is right for you, you should have an idea of what’s really involved… PGP are here to help!

“When should I look at a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund?”


Generally if you have around $200,000 or more invested in superannuation, then you could benefit by establishing a self-managed super fund. Strictly speaking there is no minimum superannuation balance required to establish an SMSF but initial and ongoing costs should be considered.  The truth is that “Do it yourself superannuation” gives you greater control over your investments and provides you with possible tax-effective opportunities that you simply don’t or can’t obtain when your part of a retail or industry fund.

However, SMSF’s are heavily regulated and self-managed superannuation is both complicated to set up and maintain. With SMSF’s you can’t manage it all yourself so it’s essential to get advice from an established firm like PGP Consulting, where we have a dedicated superannuation division.

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What’s involved with an SMSF?

Let us help you navigate all the SMSF rules and regulations

A self-managed super fund can be great way to manage your future retirement income and give you more control over your super. And for this reason many business owners, self- funded retirees and wealth accumulators have chosen to use Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s) as their preferred vehicle in accumulating their superannuation nest egg.

Whilst many choose to do this as they prefer to be “in control” of their assets, this also comes with the requirement that trustees must comply with a considerable amount of regulation that is strictly enforced by the Australian Taxation Office.

As a bare minimum, a set of financial accounts, income tax return, member statements and an audit report will need to be prepared every year, and where pensions are being drawn, actuarial certificates and other documentation or minutes of meetings may need to be prepared. As such the demand on trustees to comply with all legislation is substantial, with certain breaches causing the fund to be non-compliant and penalised substantially.

The role of a SMSF within a client’s structure is becoming increasingly prevalent given the tax concessions on offer. Our technical skills and ability to generate favourable outcomes in this arena is a key attribute of our service delivery.

You can’t do it all yourself

With SMSF’s you can’t do it all yourself

Self-managed superannuation funds require Trustees to be responsible for and have the time and a certain level of skill to operate – you can’t do it all yourself.

  • PGP Consulting are experts in the management of SMSF and can prepare your Annual Financial Statements and Tax Return to meet reporting requirements.
  • In the event you need an Actuarial Certificates we can also assist.
  • PGP can work with you to eliminate the compliance burden of having to value your assets at market value and can provide timely advice on how to run your self-managed super fund.
  • PGP can also prepare Interim Financial Statements, if required, for implementing pension strategies.
  • PGP can advise on purchasing Property within your SMSF utilising SMSF monies or borrowing through a Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement (LRBA), including setup of the necessary structures required.