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Self Managed Superannuation

Join the growing number of Australians looking for control, flexibility and choice in how they invest their retirement savings.

We believe that informed decision making is the key to success when it comes to Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs).

This is why we are committed to providing you with the knowledge, insights and support you need to make confident choices about your retirement future.

What is an SMSF?

A Self-Managed Superannuation Fund is a type of trust that is managed by trustees who are accountable for making investment decisions and adhering to superannuation and taxation laws. The main objective of an SMSF is to provide its members with retirement benefits, and it is exclusively structured to achieve this purpose.

Are you considering establishing an SMSF?

You are not alone! There are currently over 605,000 complying self-managed superannuation funds in Australia managing in excess of $892 billion in assets.

The members of these super funds have joined a growing number of Australians looking for control, flexibility and choice in how they invest their retirement savings.

The members of these funds, all 1.4 million of them, are taking advantage of the various benefits associated with managing their own retirement funds such as:

  • Control: ability to react to changing markets, pounce on opportunity.
  • Choice of investments
  • Flexibility
  • Tax concessions
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Enjoy the benefits of an SMSF

There are a number of benefits associated with an SMSF, the main advantages are:

  • Control
    SMSF members have greater control over their investment choices and can tailor their investment strategy to meet their personal financial goals and risk tolerance.
  • Flexibility
    SMSF’s offer more flexibility in investment options, including direct investments such as property and shares, as well as traditional investments like managed funds and term deposits.
  • Cost-Effective
    We can extend payment terms so you can pay for establishment using super money NOT out of your back pocket. For those with a higher balance, SMSF’s can be a cost-effective option compared to retail or industry super funds as the fees are generally fixed regardless of the balance.
  • Taxation Benefits
    SMSF’s can provide tax benefits, including tax-free income in retirement for members over the age of 60 and the ability to claim deductions for expenses related to managing the fund.
  • Estate Planning
    After a member’s death, SMSF’s offer more freedom and authority over the distribution of retirement benefits.
  • Consolidation
    SMSF’s can consolidate super accounts and simplify management of retirement savings in one place.
  • Borrowing
    SMSF’s can borrow to invest in certain assets such as property, which can provide opportunities for higher returns.
  • Investment Transparency
    SMSF’s offer greater transparency and reporting of investment performance, as members have direct control and oversight of their investments.

Established Funds

If you already have a self-managed superannuation fund established, PGP Consulting are here to help take care of it. Our SMSF specialists have extensive experience in managing existing funds and are committed to providing tailored services that align with your specific needs and objectives. Our on-boarding process is seamless and will ensure your fund is transferred into the right hands without any headaches.

Whether you need assistance with compliance and administration, investment strategy development, or ongoing monitoring and reporting, we can help ensure your SMSF is well-managed and positioned for long-term success. With our proven track record and commitment to exceptional service, you can have peace of mind knowing your SMSF is in good hands with PGP Consulting.

At PGP Consulting, we have a dedicated division that specialises in SMSF’s, staffed by experienced SMSF specialists who are passionate about this industry.

With a sole focus on SMSF’s, our team is able to provide leading-edge expertise that translates into quality services and favorable outcomes for our clients. As industry leaders, our constant pursuit is to simplify the complicated for our valued clients.  Our extensive expertise and profound understanding of SMSF enables us to provide invaluable guidance, empowering our clients to attain their desired retirement objectives.

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