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Real Estate & Construction

PGP Consulting has over 20 years experience helping our Real Estate clients achieve the best possible results for their properties.

Location, Location, Location…
Plus a firm of good taxation advisors!

In the real estate industry, they say location is everything. However, smart real estate owners know that it’s also important to have experienced tax advisors in their corner.

Using our understanding of industry issues, we are able to identify opportunities and provide guidance for commercial, residential and industrial property developers, owners/investors, managers, building & construction businesses and real estate agents.

The Property Development sector has grown significantly over recent years driven by increased population, appreciation of land values, and a push for greater levels of urbanisation. Whilst “new developers” seek their fortune in this domain, there are enormous complexities and implications that must be considered.

How we can help

We aim to assist clients deal with the numerous financial and legislative requirements including:

  • Selecting an appropriate structure to hold real property

    And consider the effects of Land Tax and Stamp Duty (differs for every State).
  • Assessing GST implications
    Including potential use of the “Margin Scheme”.
  • Determining income tax implications
    Are you making a Capital Gain or a Trading Profit for income tax purposes?
  • Developing your own home
    What are the implications on your main residence exemption for Capital Gains Tax purposes?
  • Effective tax planning

    To manage the profits from such ventures.
  • Preparation of Business Plans and Cashflows
    To assist in obtaining Finance.

In addition to this we also have considerable experience in supporting Real Estate Agents and their business interests.  We act for numerous Practices throughout the Melbourne area and are well versed in assisting with all their accounting & taxation requirements and additional services including Buy Ins / Buy Outs, assessing Goodwill values, preparing budgets & cashflows and providing regular Financial Reporting to assist in the strategic decisions of the business.

Property Types
PGP Consulting provides a full range of services for all types of properties you’re involved with including:

  • Apartments, strata title and
  • Homeowner associations
  • Residential real estate
  • Hotels
  • Urban Development properties
  • Industrial / commercial buildings
  • Low-income housing
  • Multi-site housing
  • New construction
  • Warehouses