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Influencers & Athletes

We understand that Influencers, Media Personalities and Professional Athletes have a finite window of opportunity to maximise their income potential. We’ve devised strategies that empower our clients to leverage tax-efficient arrangements for their earnings.

We pride ourselves on being able to proficiently manage the needs of our clients.

Including the ability to successfully liaise with management teams, professional bodies, team/club administrators, structure contracts in conjunction with managers and legal advisors, and liaise with financial advisors to develop their long term wealth creation processes.

Over the years our staff have managed the affairs of some of the highest profile athletes and personalities, putting in place structures designed to protect their assets, whilst also generating tax effective outcomes to develop their wealth creation for life after sport.

Building independent wealth outside of your professional career is key to what we do.

Contract Advice

Before signing a contract

You have just been drafted or are a free agent and are negotiating your contract. We can provide consulting services to help you to minimise the taxes that you pay.

Factors that you should consider in this situation include:

  • What type of business structure should you establish?
  • What should the timing be for receipt of your player match payments?
  • Should you set up a savings plan? How much should you save?

After signing a contract

Now that you have signed your contract you will want to minimise the taxes you pay. We have helped each of our clients minimise their tax obligations including:

  • Understanding the cash flow needed to make tax payments
  • Explaining the unique types of tax deductions that are specific to professional athletes
  • Review of business structure to ensure it continues to be suitable for your needs

Helping You Create a Life for the Future

PGP Consulting has established a very strong presence in the area of managing the taxation and accounting affairs for professional influencers.  As with all our clients, each person’s affairs are treated with the strictest of confidence.