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Create realistic goals and Projections. PGP can help you create a financially feasible plan for your business.

 “What you can measure, you can manage.”

A documented budget or business plan is a valuable tool to start measuring how your business is performing and whether your strategies are working. Without this measurement process a business may simply “drift” without reaching its strategic targets.

The development of this information for our clients is instrumental in their understanding of the key drivers of their business and also quantifying the challenges to meet their financial goals. Our firm has developed these business planning skills and techniques through the experience in providing these services to global corporations.


PGP can crunch the numbers and prepare projections to develop your plan for success. That way you can focus on doing what you do best whether it’s creating and selling a superior product, or investing in key markets – with PGP you can be confident that the numbers really do work out.

Get your start up right

Arm yourself with professional grade projections, convince yourself and your investors that it can work.

Starting a new business can be exciting and daunting at the same time.  You need to research the market, raise finance, establish contacts, find a location and possibly hire staff.

For a startup business, creating a business plan is like creating a game plan in sports. You need to scout out all the information to create a winning strategy for the game.

While business plans for existing companies may have a special focus, such as setting overall goals, reviewing specific operations, evaluating new products, assessing new technology in the industry, or some other specific purpose, the business plan for a startup company is the blueprint for its formation, its operation, and its success. A business plan exposes a new company’s strengths and weaknesses. It reveals ways to capitalise on the strengths and minimise the weaknesses, uncovers every facet of the business that can be developed, and points to the best method for that development. It provides a structure for the company’s pursuit of the winner’s trophy.

PGP can act as a sounding board for new start ups  and can help you create a budget for business growth we can help you with practical help for managing the start up phase –  including preparing detailed forecasts, helping you structure your business and ensuring your business plan is realistic and workable.